Your Website Includes: and More!

Award Winning Support

Having a great website is only the first step, what happens after launch?

Whether you’re brand-new to editing or a seasoned professional, we’re here to support you by Phone, Email, Chat, Online Video Tutorials and even Screen Share!

We are pleased to say that we have been awarded for our customer service for 8 consecutive years! This is an area we really shine and it shows in our reviews.

Web Hosting

As a hosting provider we make sure your website is up and running, loads fast and is safe for your visitors. We also have monitoring systems in place to let us know if there’s ever a network problem, so we can fix it immediately.

Daily Backups

We perform daily backups both on-site and off-site. This helps ensure that your info is safe. A complete copy of your website is always a click away from being restored to a previous date should you ever need it.

Browser Certified Safe

All of our hosted websites come with an SSL Certificate so your website is encrypted and secure. Forms, browsing sessions and data are encrypted to ensure your visitors that what they view can not be intercepted by third parties.

Site-wide Search

Our websites come with a powerful search and filter feature. This allows a visitor to search by keyword or phrase to find any content on your website (including inside PDFs). You can even narrow down a search inside a blog article or Agenda (Add-on feature)

Back-end Security

Our websites come with a powerful security system that scans the entire website for malware and or alterations to core operating files to ensure hackers have no foothold to even get started. From a strengthened login system to the ongoing scanning of activity, our security system will block the IP address of anyone who even acts like they’re trying to get in.

City Blog

Blog about everything that’s happening in your city or town and let your citizens know what’s going on with the latest updates and events as they happen. Use this tool to boost your social media presence by sharing a blog on all your social media sites. This feature will allow you to have the latest three or four blog posts feeding on your homepage to your visitors automatically.

ADA Compliant

Your website will be ADA compliant. Your visitors will be able to set the contrast of your website, adjust font size of the content, adjust spacing, stop animations, change the fonts to become legible fonts with a click, enlarge the cursor, and so much more.

Mobile Friendly Design

All of our websites are fully mobile optimized to display much like the desktop design only with the vertical format for a more fluid flow of content. This is particularly important as more than 50% of visitors will be using a mobile device.

Free Upgrades

We are always improving our plugins and adding new features, of which all of our hosted clients continue to benefit from at no additional charge so you will always get the latest feature upgrades as we release them.

Free Security Updates

All of our hosted websites come with free security updates to the operating system and Content Management System, including all Plugins. These are important as technology changes and new threats become active, we make sure your website is up to date on the latest security fixes as they are released.

Facebook, and other SM integration

Integrate your website with your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, you name it!) We include links to and feeds from whichever social media platforms you utilize to bring the current events to your visitors.

Fillable forms

Fully functional contact forms and survey system for you to create, modify and capture information from visitors that wish to reach out to you to ask for or give information to you. These are great for surveys, registration forms for upcoming events or just a simple contact form for them to request more information.


Popular Upgrades: and More!

Document Center

Secure storage and ease of access is a challenge for any organization, municipal is not different. With our system you can upload and store thousands of Word Documents, PDFs and Excel files for your visitors to search and filter based on date, title, category and/or keyword. As these are stored in their executable format, they only just one click to access and work with the documents. (associated program needed such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader)

Agendas & Minutes

Many cities need or even require public access to government documents, such as Agendas and Minutes or Fiscal Reports; but many fall short. A lot of sites just have a list of links that are arduous to navigate and search and even more difficult to view.  Without the systems government documents can be searched, filtered and found in no time providing an easy interface for your visitors.

Employees Only Area

Infrastructure and organization is what can set apart a municipal system from out of the box restrictions. With this Add-on, you can have a completely private, internal area where your employees can access and search for forms and instructional pages, tutorials and more. It can provide a manageable area to list important internal information and resources that are not necessary for the general public to access. Access is set-up for employees at their hire and can be deactivated when they are no longer part of the organization.

Mass Communication

Communication is key in any organization and city government is not different. Our mass notification system uses SMS (Texting) function on mobile devices and/or email to get information in the hands of the people. This system will allow you to notifications to subscribers about a variety of events, alerts and general information like traffic or weather conditions.

Small Business Hub

Small businesses are the backbone of any city, large or small. With our Small Business Hub you can have a place to list and showcase small businesses with company information, their services or products with a Google map to their location. You can also list their website url, phone, fax, address and categorize them for easy navigation. Make it easy for your visitors to find them with a powerful search and filter tool. This will help build your small businesses grow, and in turn; help grow your city or town.

Newsletter System for Local News and Updates

Provide an option for your visitors to sign up for the town/city newsletter. As new updates are published on the website, they will be notified by email with important news or upcoming events. With a simple signup form on your home page they will get in the system plus, they can subscribe or unsubscribe easily with one click.

Emergency Alerts on all pages

Let your citizens now about emergency topics in a noticeable way with our Emergency Alert System. Alerts like a water boil alert, school closings, court closings and more can be easily broadcast on your website. You name it, if you need to let your website’s visitors know, you can do it with this add-on.

Bill Pay

We have multiple options available for bill pay services from some of the industry’s most trusted resources. This allows us to help you choose the right bill pay client for your specific needs. All of our bill pay partners have identified disciplines of high end security and feature rich service offerings. As in integrated part of your website your citizens will have confidence that the resource is secure.

With this add-on service, your citizens can pay a city bill online, securely and safely. Many of these resources can also connect with your desktop payment system.

Branded Emails

Add-on branded emails to match your city or town’s domain name (Example: [email protected]). Send and receive emails through your official domain email while at the same time promoting the website itself. Extra charge per email account.

Online Chat

Our versatile chat feature offers multi-account use so that you can provide greater support for your visitor. Communicate with different departments within your city or town, offer live assistance on where to get the right forms to fill out or direct them to useful information and resources. This add-on is perfect for communication with the public, especially those that cannot physically visit your offices.